Opening Spring 2020


The Pavilion – serving Pontesbury and the wider Rea Valley communities


The Pavilion is situated at the top of Hall Bank, easy to spot between the new Co-op and Ark Nursery building.  It will house, amongst other things, the re-located Community Library at Pontesbury.  The Local Neighbourhood Policing Team will also be using the building as their new base.

The Pavilion building will not only maintain existing library services but also offer the opportunity to develop further into a resource centre providing much needed local sources of information and support, and an informal meeting place.  

There is potential for drop-in sessions by local community organisations to promote what they can offer, and outreach sessions from organisations further afield, possibly reducing the need to travel to Shrewsbury to access these services.  

There are also facilities to support local businesses such as a small conference room suitably equipped for training events.

The Pavilion will offer services to residents in the Pontesbury Parish and  the wider Rea Valley communities.  The Parish Council is open to ideas and initiatives as we go forward with this exciting development.   Watch this space!!